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Transportation & Logistics Lawyer in Orange County

Don’t Let Legal Roadblocks Slow Your Business Down

Our transportation and logistics lawyers in Orange County help you map out your legal challenges to get you safely and profitably to your destination.

The Go-To Partner For Motor Carriers & Freight Brokers

The pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues were hard on everyone, but the transportation and freight industries were forced to bear a lot of those challenges head-on. Many are still feeling the aftereffects of those challenges, as well as looming economic uncertainty.

When margins are tight and your company is feeling the squeeze, the last thing you need is legal obstacles slowing you down. When claims, contract disputes, or collections issues arise, you need a legal partner who will treat your needs as your own and ensure that your company is protected.

Motor carriers and freight brokers choose Putterman Law for our unique blend of knowledge and execution. We are as accessible as in-house attorneys and are prepared to represent your interests effectively and aggressively.

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