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Case Studies

Real Results For Real Clients

Your Orange County legal partner Putterman Law has successfully settled or litigated cases in a variety of industries. While the circumstances that determine the outcome of each case are unique, we will prioritize your needs and diligently pursue the best result for you and your business.

Putterman Law represented a prime contractor in arbitration against a subcontractor seeking damages related to unsubstantiated change orders.

Result: The matter was settled before the arbitration hearing for a nominal sum.

Putterman Law represented a subcontractor in litigation seeking damages for unpaid change orders and delays caused by the prime contractor.

Result: The matter was settled for a significant amount a few months before the trial was scheduled to begin.

Putterman Law represented the seller of a business who was facing unfounded accusations of business and securities fraud by the buyer, who was claiming significant damages.

Result: The matter was settled pre-litigation in mediation for a fraction of what the buyer was seeking in damages.

Putterman Law represented the landlord in a case involving a tenant’s unlawful use of a beachfront rental property. The prior attorney had recommended dismissal of the action.

Result: Putterman Law took over the case and achieved a satisfactory settlement within 12 months.

Putterman Law represented a landlord facing claims brought by a tenant who was alleging overpayment of rent.

Result: The matter was settled on the morning of the scheduled trial for less than the amount that was being sought in damages.

Putterman Law represented a commercial tenant who was forced to relocate their business due to their landlord’s omissions. No pre-suit offer was made.

Result: Putterman Law filed a lawsuit and settled the matter shortly after depositions.

Putterman Law represented the majority owners of a transportation business and filed a lawsuit against a minority owner for violating fiduciary duties and converting company assets.

Result: Putterman Law immediately moved for a restraining order and preliminary injunction, both of which were granted, resulting in a prompt disposition of the case and a favorable resolution.

A motor carrier was facing a delay claim brought by a broker. As the carrier’s representation, Putterman Law argued that the delays at issue resulted from the pandemic, weather, and other forces beyond the parties’ control.

Result: The claim was dropped.

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