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Putterman Law is the right Orange County firm to see you through a construction dispute and provide honest, actionable counsel for all your construction-related legal needs.

Practical, Accessible Attorneys For California Construction Firms

Building and operating a successful construction business in California is no easy task. You’ve had to wear a lot of hats, sometimes literally as you switch from the job site to office work. One hat that just doesn’t fit, however, is “legal expert.” Dealing with disputes, the fine print of employment and project contracts, collections, and other legal challenges just isn’t in your skill set – and even if it was, you wouldn’t have the time to handle it anyway.

You need a construction law firm that understands your business and the challenges you’re facing. Someone who can provide clear guidance and handle all aspects of your case so you can get back to work.

Putterman Law is the firm you’re looking for. We offer full-service legal support for construction contractors. We have extensive experience in the construction industry, so we’ll understand the practical aspects of your project, as well as the problems you’re facing, without a lot of extra explanation. Putterman Law regularly counsels contractor clients regarding:

Much like the projects they govern, construction contracts can be complex. But the devil is in the details, and oftentimes contract language can keep a controversy from evolving into a legal dispute.

Disputes with customers, vendors, material suppliers, and other contractors can derail a project. Proactive and strategic legal intervention can help get the project back on track towards a timely completion.

Our attorneys have significant experience handling construction-related disputes; including those involving change orders, delay claims, and mechanics liens, in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

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