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Orange County Collections & Judgment Enforcement Lawyer

Solutions to Secure the Compensation You’re Owed

Your path to collecting on your unpaid invoices, loans, settlement, or judgment starts at Putterman Law, your collections and judgment enforcement lawyers in Orange County.

When Invoices Fail, Putterman Law Gets Results

Collecting what you’re owed can be frustrating and challenging when you know that your customer or borrower isn’t going to just show up and write you a check. You need an Orange County legal partner who understands your industry and the laws governing collections. 

Putterman Law can help. We have a proven history of collecting on unpaid invoices, loans, settlements, and judgments for businesses  and private B2B lenders. We are well-versed in a variety of industries that include construction, transportation, digital assets, and private B2B lending, so we understand intricate details of the applicable laws and processes. 

We offer flexible fee arrangements and often will litigate these cases to resolution on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay for legal services until we secure your compensation. Throughout the process, we provide honest and clear counsel so that you can navigate the right path for your desired outcome.

When your customer or borrower breaches your trust and fails to pay you in a timely manner, you may not know what your next steps should be. Putterman Law can step in to collect what you’re owed on your behalf and ensure accountability, even if that means going to court.

Securing compensation for unpaid B2B loans can be complex, especially if the payee is restructuring or carrying debt in addition to the loan you provided. But if you enlist Putterman Law, we’ll handle all aspects of the case and make sure you don’t lose out on what you’re owed.

When you do the work, you should get paid. Unfortunately, this simple concept seems to be lost on many organizations and individuals who hire contractors for construction projects. As experienced construction litigators and collections attorneys, Putterman Law will aggressively pursue these cases to hold the customers legally and financially accountable.

Transportation and logistics have been strained by supply chain challenges in recent years, but that’s not an acceptable excuse when vendors fail to pay you for the service you provided. Putterman Law will leverage the laws and regulations that govern freight and transportation to ensure you receive compensation for the work you or your organization performed.

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